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“Halloween is for kids…except for Almond Joys.” Chris tells Mike .

Mike and Chris Wallace discuss the finer points of Halloween; including their favorite Halloween candy, whether it’s okay for adults to wear costumes, and what it would take to get Mike in a diaper on Fox News!

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Happy Halloween; It’s Chris Wallace Friday!

What does the host of Fox News Sunday think about the ebola quarantines and nurse Kaci Hickox? We’ll find out.

California’s top Ebola doctor undergoes quarantine, which he completely agrees with!

Mike talks about Dr. Colin Bucks, California’s most experienced Ebola physician, who upon returning from Africa, gladly underwent a now mandatory 21 day quarantine. He discusses how Dr. Bucks recommends the quarantine on the grounds of “not taking a single chance!”,  and how nurse Kaci Hickox needs to be listening.

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“Kaci Hickox is openly defying the authorities!” Mike tell Ray Richardson.

Mike and Ray Richardson discuss the case of Kaci Hickox, a nurse who returned from helping Ebola patients in Africa who refused to stay in quarantine. They talk about her open defiance and how she is turning this matter into a political one.

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Here’s the science, President Barack Hussein Obama!

Dr. Bruce Beutler—he won the Nobel Prize for medicine—warned that quarantining and monitoring is a sound policy, not because it is clear that the potentially exposed are clearly infectious, but because their data is inconclusive and there are too few observed cases to know exactly how this disease transmits from host to host.

Just who is running the New York Police Department?

Mike and New York Post contributor Michael Goodwin discuss the recent attack of a man with a hatchet against 4 members of the NYPD. They also discuss the influence of Al Sharpton and Mayor Bill De Blasio upon the police department and what that has led to.

“Why are Democrats against a mandatory quarantine in cases of exposure to Ebola?”

Mike and Dinesh D’Souza discuss why liberal democrats are so against a mandatory quarantine if someone has been exposed to Ebola. They hear audio from the White House about New Jersey nurse Kaci Hickox who was quarantined and complained to the media. Mike and Dinesh also talk about how Obama’s handling of the situation could mean only good things for republicans in future elections.

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“Republicans are going to run the table this election!” Mike tells Brian.

Mike welcomes author and Fox & Friends Host Brian Kilmeade to the show. They discuss the upcoming elections and debate on whether the Republicans will have a substantial victory or not.

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“You’ve been to Sierra Leone, treating Ebola patients? Welcome to New York!”

Mike discusses how Dr. Craig Spencer was able to get back into America so easily after having spent time in Sierra Leone treating Ebola patients. He brings up the CDC and the Ebola screeners at JFK Airport and more.


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“No one in New York is going to get Ebola!” Chris tells Mike.

It’s Chris Wallace Friday! The two discuss the Ebola cases in the US and debate the possibility of new cases in New York.

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Liberals believe the poor are too stupid to make decisions on their own, thus the need for do-gooding libs

Thomas Sowell explains the economic, free-market reasons why pay day lenders serve a purpose in our American economy.

“A lot of today’s Democrats and Liberals have moved on from Obama to Hillary.”

Mike discuss how many Democrats and Liberals have moved their support from President Obama to Hillary Clinton. He describes how many of them are looking to her to fix the problems that have come up in Obama’s term due to her experience in the White House.

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Why is there a reluctance to call what happened in Canada “Terrorism?”

Mike discusses the shooting at the Canadian Parliament. He asks why many are hesitant to call it Islamic Terrorism when the history of the shooter and his background have been revealed?

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“The news coming out of Ferguson about the Michael Brown shooting is not good for the rent-a-rioters.”

Mike discusses the latest reports about the Ferguson, Missouri shooting between Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson. The reports and autopsy correspond with Officer Wilson’s testimony, despite what many protestors may believe.

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