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“How’d you like to live Derek Jeter’s life?” Mike asks Chris Wallace.

It’s Chris Wallace Friday! He and Mike discuss the latest New York Yankees game and how much they admire Derek Jeter. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

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“With the Attorney General stepping down, I can sleep a little easier knowing Al Sharpton’s on the case.”

Mike and former Congressman Jim DeMint discuss the resignation of Attorney general Eric Holder. Mike wonder why Al Sharpton has become so involved in this as well. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

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“The US Government tried to do its very best to lock me up.” Dinesh tells Mike.

Mike and Dinesh D’Souza discuss the outcome of his recent trial. Dinesh explains what the prosecution and the government were hoping for and how he got community service. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

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Would you want to die when you get to a certain age? You might not get a choice.

Mike plays audio from an interview of Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the author of Obamacare, where he states that when he reaches 75, he will “just stop going to the doctor.” Mike responds to this statement and adds where this and Obamacare are leading to. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

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Environmentalist Protester: ‘Burn Down’ Homes of Wall Street Execs

Environmentalist protestors at the anti-capitalism “Flood Wall Street” march suggested tactics such as burning down the homes of Wall Street executives and politicians and smashing buildings as ways to combat climate change. (Warning: NSFW language).

“If elected, Hillary would govern even further to the Left than Obama!” Mike tells Dr. Carson.

Mike and author Dr. Ben Carson discuss the recent riots on New York City and how they are connected to Hillary Clinton. They also discuss her political views and how she would act as President. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

“We’re going to stop when these people stop planning attacks on Americans.” Rudy tells Mike.

Mike welcomes Rudy Giuliani back to the show. They discuss the possibility of American Troops in Iraq again, and why it is needed. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

‘Not Islamic’?

Killing “unbelievers” has been part of Islam since its inception.

“Why doesn’t the NFL put a ban on the F-Word and racial slurs?”

Mike discusses the fact that the NFL is fining it’s players who use foul language. Mike asks why they don’t just ban it and racial slurs as well.

“I ran the Benghazi Hearings the way I think those murdered American’s families would want them to be run.” Gowdy tells Mike.

Mike talks with Trey Gowdy, South Carolina Congressman and Chairman of the House Subcommittee on the Benghazi attacks. They discuss how Congressman Gowdy is viewed and his actions during the hearings.

Climate justice now! Occupy the climate!

It’s hard to make a really big protest march about just one thing. Back in the days of giant rallies against the Iraq war, all sorts of groups wanted in on the action. There were communists. Anarchists. Protesters mad about the Florida recount. Katrina justice groups. Civil rights organizations. And more. The crazy quilt of aggrieved demonstrators made it hard to keep the focus on protesting the war.

Mike and Chris Wallace Celebrate the new I-Phone

Is a college education still important? Many Americans think not.

Mike discusses a recent poll that states that most Americans don’t believe that a college education is very important. Mike talks with a caller on this subject and the importance of education with or without a degree. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

The Media’s Absurd NFL Hysteria

Over the past few weeks, two sets of initials have dominated the news — ISIL and NFL — and the casual listener would be hard-pressed to decide which is more odious. It’s a wonder that President Barack Obama didn’t include a passage in his speech to the nation last week pledging to bring NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to justice.

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