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Megyn Kelly Grills Jen Psaki: Did Bergdahl Really Serve with ‘Honor?’

Megyn Kelly squared off with State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki Wednesday night. The Fox News host wanted to know if the Obama Administration still thinks Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction” as National Security Adviser Susan Rice said after he was traded for five Taliban detainees?

Senator Ted Cruz talks his Presidential Run, the response in Washington, and much more.

Mike talks with Texas Senator Ted Cruz about his Presidential candidacy. They discuss the days after his announcement, the response he’s received in Washington, and much more.

Supreme Court to decide whether young murderers can one day go free

The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether young murderers who are sentenced to life in prison have a right to seek their freedom after years behind bars.

Unhappy birthday, Obamacare

When he signed his signature piece of legislation into law, President Obama guaranteed lower health-care costs, universal coverage and higher-quality care. Americans wouldn’t have to change their doctors if they didn’t want to. Five years later, the health law has failed to fulfill those grandiose promises.

Rep. Peter King Threatens to Jump Off a Bridge if Cruz Gets GOP Nomination

Rep. Peter King  appeared on CNN’s The Situation Room Monday and Wolf Blitzer asked him to explain his statement that compared Sen. Ted Cruz  to a “carnival barker”.

Ted Cruz is a man who champions the sanctity of human life and the defense of Israel.

Mike discusses the announcement from Senator Ted Cruz about his run for President in 2016. Mike talks about how Senator Cruz is someone who will stand up for the sanctity of life and will stand with Israel.

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Stephen A. Smith: Black Americans Should Stop Viewing GOP as ‘The Enemy’

Stephen A Smith told CNN that Democrats have successfully convinced black people the GOP is completely against their interests, and as a result, “A vast majority of black Americans look at the Republican Party as the enemy.” This means, to Smith, Democrats “have a liense to take us for granted.”

Well how about that? A liberal icon newspaper admits the entire “Hands up, don’t shoot” movement is a total lie. Wonder who else has been saying that all along? Hmmm….

The gesture of raised hands became a symbol of outrage over mistreatment of unarmed black youth by police. That narrative was called into question when a St. Louis County grand jury could not confirm those testimonies. And a recently released Department of Justice investigative report concluded the same.

Take a trip of a lifetime to Israel with Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager and Joe Piscopo: listen to find out the details.

Mike talks with Ruevan Doron of Genesis Tours about the upcoming “Stand With Israel” Tour. They discuss the recent events in Israel and what going on the tour will entail.

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Chris Wallace stops by to discuss Netanyahu, his dressing room, and more.

Mike talks with Chris Wallace about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks concerning a 2-State Solution. They also chat about Chris’ office at Fox and his basketball match with Michael Jordan.

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No Peace Any Time Soon, but Not Because of Bibi

Of all the idiocies uttered in reaction to Benjamin Netanyahu’s stunning election victory, none is more ubiquitous than the idea that peace prospects are now dead because Netanyahu has declared that there will be no Palestinian state while he is Israel’s prime minister.

The chairman of the Benghazi Committee weighs in on the Clinton email scandal.

Mike talks with South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy about the scandal involving Hillary Clinton and her personal email server. They discuss why there was a delay in her emails being turned over, and what steps are going to taken next.

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Obama: Maybe it’s time for mandatory voting

President Barack Obama suggests it might be time to make voting a requirement. “In Australia and some other countries, there’s mandatory voting,” Obama said Wednesday in Cleveland, where he spoke about the importance of middle-class economics.”It would be transformative if everybody voted — that would counteract money more than anything.”

Israeli expert sheds some light on the elections in Israel.

Mike talks with Meir Weingarten about the elections in Israel. They discuss how the Left Wing and the media did everything in its power to keep Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from winning.

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