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Madeline Albright believes there is a special place in hell for women who don’t vote for Hillary ‪#‎VoteCarlyFiorina‬

Can you imagine Fox News’ Chris Wallace hugging Cruz, Trump or Rubio after a GOP debate? #MSNBCjournalism

Hugs 3


Please welcome @MikeScintoShow as today’s guest host on the Mike Gallagher Show

Mike Scinto on the Mike Gallagher Show


@ChrisMalagisi of the @ConservBookClub gives guest host @MikeScintoShow the Top 10 conservative books of the week

Chris is the editor in chief of the Conservative Book Club


@SenatorTimScott tells Mike why he has endorsed Sen @MarcoRubio for President

United States Senator Tim Scott



Presidential candidate Sen @TedCruz gives Mike the inside story on his big victory in the Iowa caucuses

United States Senator Ted Cruz



Feel the Bern! Bernie Sanders’ supporters can’t explain what the word ‘Socialist’ means

@HotAirblog @EdMorrissey and Mike breakdown what the Iowa caucuses meant for the Republicans and Democrats

Ed Morrissey is the senior editor at

ed morrisey

Republican @Peter_Wehner and Mike Gallagher discuss not sacrificing friendships on the alter of politics

Pete Wehner is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center


@DCExaminer @DavidMDrucker is on the ground in Iowa and gives Mike the latest on the caucuses

David is the Senior Congressional Correspondent for Washington Examiner


Pollster @FrankLuntz has the latest Iowa poll numbers on the Mike Gallagher Show

Dr. Frank Luntz is the CEO of Luntz Global


@DineshDSouza and Mike discuss why millennials love Democratic Presidential candidate @BernieSanders

Dinesh is a renowned filmmaker with top-grossing documentaries 2016: Obama’s America and America.


Mike’s conversation with New Jersey Governor and 2016 contender Chris Christie

Chatting with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie


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