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“You’ve been to Sierra Leone, treating Ebola patients? Welcome to New York!”

Mike discusses how Dr. Craig Spencer was able to get back into America so easily after having spent time in Sierra Leone treating Ebola patients. He brings up the CDC and the Ebola screeners at JFK Airport and more.


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“No one in New York is going to get Ebola!” Chris tells Mike.

It’s Chris Wallace Friday! The two discuss the Ebola cases in the US and debate the possibility of new cases in New York.

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Liberals believe the poor are too stupid to make decisions on their own, thus the need for do-gooding libs

Thomas Sowell explains the economic, free-market reasons why pay day lenders serve a purpose in our American economy.

“A lot of today’s Democrats and Liberals have moved on from Obama to Hillary.”

Mike discuss how many Democrats and Liberals have moved their support from President Obama to Hillary Clinton. He describes how many of them are looking to her to fix the problems that have come up in Obama’s term due to her experience in the White House.

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Why is there a reluctance to call what happened in Canada “Terrorism?”

Mike discusses the shooting at the Canadian Parliament. He asks why many are hesitant to call it Islamic Terrorism when the history of the shooter and his background have been revealed?

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“The news coming out of Ferguson about the Michael Brown shooting is not good for the rent-a-rioters.”

Mike discusses the latest reports about the Ferguson, Missouri shooting between Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson. The reports and autopsy correspond with Officer Wilson’s testimony, despite what many protestors may believe.

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“This upcoming midterm election is as much about culture as as it is politics.” Mike and Mark Steyn discuss.

Mike welcomes author Mark Steyn to the show. They discuss his new book and the culture war that may be more important to America than the political one.

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“Are you telling me you think the Tea Party wants to lynch blacks?”, Mike asks an NAACP official.”

Mike and James Buxton Jr, the president of the North Carolina branch of the NAACP, discuss the flyers placed on parishioners windshields in Fayettville which depicted a mob lynching a black man. They debate the message behind the flyer and the accusation that the Tea Party wants to lynch black people.

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“I guess Liberal Democrats think Blacks are stupid, I happen to disagree with those Liberal Democrats.”

Mike discusses a recent Justice Department Report that states that Black Voters are less sophisticated voters and less likely to figure out the voting process.

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Is it possible that the myth about the horrible pain of childbirth isn’t quite true?”

Mike discusses the results from a recent study where 320 moms were asked to rank their pain every 20 minutes during childbirth. They were then asked to rate the pain again 2 days after childbirth, and then 2 months later. Many reported the pain as not being as bad 2 days later.

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“This is the kind of stuff people go to jail for.” Mike and Andy McCarthy discuss the Solyndra Scandal.

Mike and Andy McCarthy discuss the scandal revolving around Solyndra, a now defunct solar energy company. Andy tells Mike that Solyndra was a company denied funding during the Bush Administration but was granted it immediately once Obama took office.

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Ron Klain and Solyndra

The administration’s point man on a solar fraud is now in charge of Ebola.

Mike talks “House of Cards”, Kevin Spacey, and more with Gerald McRaney!

Mike welcomes “House of Cards” star Gerald McRaney to the show. They discuss his costar Kevin Spacey and the show itself, today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

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“Dr. Frieden might not want to put this job on his resume.” Mike tells Chris.

It’s Chris Wallace Friday! He and Mike discuss CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden and his mishandling of the Ebola situation. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

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