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“Did you know police should expect to be punched in the face?”

Mike plays audio from police analyst Jim Cavanaugh who stated that police should expect to be punched. Mike explores the absurdity of the statement and discusses it with a caller who was a former police officer. Today on the Mike Gallagher Show.

“This is a brand of evil I don’t think most people can recognize.”

Mike and Chris Wallace discuss the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They talk about the evil this group has done and had promised to do in the future and what the United States needs to do in response. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

It’s Chris Wallace Friday!

After a very tough week, let’s put a smile on your face with Chris Wallace Fridays! He is live and in living color; the host of Fox News Sunday is on the show.

You want to know how not to get shot by a cop?

It’s very easy, treat them with the respect they deserve. Say yes, sir and no, ma’am and the encounter will last about two minutes as long as you didn’t just rob a convenience store.

“I can do better, and I will do better.”

Mike discusses a conversation he had yesterday with a caller that went badly. He explains his love of debate, apologizes to the caller and states that he will do better. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

“The President doesn’t know what he’s doing…and he doesn’t care.”

Mike discusses the Daily News photo of a laughing President next to a photo of the grieving parents of journalist James Foley. He questions why this President portrays himself in the manner that he does and more. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show

An open letter/apology to caller “James” from my show today

The media coverage and subsequent reaction to the Ferguson, MO situation has been enormously frustrating to me. Today on my radio show, my emotions got the best of me during a heated conversation with a caller named James. I’ve been bothered by that exchange all day and I wanted to formally apologize to him and to my listeners. While I steadfastly disagree with his contention that the surveillance video of Michael Brown robbing a convenience store wasn’t a “violent act”, I should not have interrupted James as I did. I’ll give a more detailed and specific apology on the air tomorrow, but I wanted to put it in writing tonight. I should not have reacted the way I did. And I certainly shouldn’t invite people to call my show and then disagree so passionately that I don’t give them much of a chance to talk. I’m sorry. I can – and will – do better. – Mike

“There is no debate about good vs evil in this world.”

Mike speaks at length about the evil in this world. He discusses the American journalist executed by ISIS and the Missouri Police Officer who shot Mike brown after being beaten by him. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

A Man of Courage and ISIS’s Face of Evil

James Foley stared down a death cult.

An American journalist was executed by ISIS, and it should NOT be covered up!

Mike discusses the execution of American journalist James Foley at the hands of the Islamic State. He talks about how certain individuals think the story “shouldn’t be spread.” Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

Gov Rick Perry’s video is Fantastic

Watch this video that really puts the indictment of Gov. Rick Perry in perspective – could this unethical effort by the prosecutor in Austin to seek political revenge by using the judiciary backfire in a major way?


“Some people are just interested in burning that city to the ground.”

Mike welcomes Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood to the show. They discuss the situation in Ferguson, Mo, the rush for judgement, and how video has made an impact. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

Police with military hardware a Libertarians worst nightmare?

Mike talks with National Review columnist Kevin Williamson. They discuss the situation in Ferguson, MO, how the police have become militarized, and more. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

A Police Chief’s response to Captain Ron Johnson

Read the incredible take down of Captain Ron Johnson by a Gulf Shores, Alabama Police Chief. The Missouri cop who didn’t know what Michael Brown had done when he pulled him over is the same as the officer who didn’t know what Timothy McVeigh did when he was pulled over.

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