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This is an unbelievably tragic story

The video is difficult to watch. While I always give the police the benefit of the doubt, it’s likely that the officers involved will face serious consequences for this man’s death. However, yelling at cops and failing to cooperate with them will NEVER end well. Especially for a guy whose rap sheet reportedly included being arrested 30 times. – Mike

The great Michael Riedel of the NY Post is on today’s show

The Butcher of Broadway talks to Mike about the death of Elaine Stritch and the closing of the musical, Rocky.

It’s Chris Wallace Friday on the Mike Gallagher Show

Mike and Chris discuss his recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard and who he met there. Today on the Mike Gallagher Show.

“This is one more casualty in the war between violent gangs and police!”

Mike welcomes former news reporter Sean Bergin to the program. They discuss the recent killing of Officer Melvin Santiago and the repercussions it is having with both gangs and police. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show

What Obama Missed on the Border

In 2012, I alerted the federal government to the growing problem of unaccompanied minors making the treacherous journey across Mexico to reach the United States

The Palestinian ‘Genocide’ Lie

It’s a moral scandal that it’s even necessary to debunk equating Israel with the Nazis.

The Truth about Gaza

Rarely does international politics present a moment of such moral clarity.

“What kind of parent ships their kid over the border alone?”

Mike reads from reports from both Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and Illinois Senator Dick Durbin regarding immigrant children. Many are being sent over the border alone and many with birth control. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

“Kids are being killed simply because they’re Jewish!”

Mike plays audio from NBC journalist Andrea Mitchell about the Israel/Hamas conflict. Mike addresses the one-sided nature of the report and that Jewish children are being killed as well. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

TV reporter gets suspended and demoted for telling the truth!

Mike plays audio from former tv reporter Sean Bergin which led to his suspension. In the report Sean Bergin addresses the fact that black children growing up without fathers leads to crime, like the murder of Officer Melvin Santiago. Today on the Mike Gallagher Show.

The Feds are set to open a $50 Milllion Resort for illegal immigrants!

Mike discusses the federal contract that BCFS has obtained to open a facility for immigrant children, which so happens to be a Resort and Hotel. Amenities include indoor/outdoor pools, sauna, workout room, WiFi and Cable. Today on the Mike Gallagher Show.

Watch the video of illegals shopping at Walmart using EBT cards

Here is the video of a woman who describes watching illegals use EBT cards to buy supplies at Walmart. This is taxpayer money going to buy food and clothing for illegal aliens while our own citizens struggle to pay the bills.

Only in America can a cop killer’s wife say “He should have shot more.”

Mike plays audio from the wife of the man who gunned down rookie Jersey City police officer Melvin Santiago. Mike reacts with his thoughts and views. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

“Israel uses rockets to protect civilians, Hamas uses civilians to protect rockets.”

Mike welcomes Meir Weingarten back to the show. They discuss CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s comments about Israel and Hamas and what is really happening. Today on The Mike Gallagher Show.

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