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Which will be better: John Kerry’s Iran nuclear deal, or John Kerry’s Iranian Chicken Pizza?

Mike discusses an MSNBC audio clip about John Kerry where it’s stated that a local restaurant is naming a pizza after him so that if he doesn’t get what he wants in the Iran nuclear talks he’ll at least made his mark.

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Why is the Left, and Harry Reid, allowed to get away with lying to the American people?

Mike plays a clip from an interview with Nevada Senator Harry Reid where he admits to lying about Mitt Romney and more. Mike discusses that this is how the Left operates.

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The John Kerry Iranian Chicken Pizza

On Tuesday, NBC’s chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell took time out of her NBC Nightly News report from Switzerland on the Iranian nuclear talks to hail Secretary of State John Kerry as someone who “doesn’t give up easily” and gush that a local pizzeria in the town where the talks are being held has decided to name “a pizza after him.”

The Left wages total war; and then plays victim

One side wants the state to conscript the religious businesswomen and men into participating in ceremonies that violate their beliefs. The other side wants to make it possible for religious people to live their own lives according to their consciences.

Mike talks with Dennis Prager about same sex marriage and the Indiana Religious Protection Law.

Mike talks with fellow host Dennis Prager. They discuss same sex marriage, the Indiana religious Protections Law, and the tactics used by the Left.

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Gov. Pence: Change RFRA law to make it clear discrimination won’t be allowed

Embattled Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is taking a second crack at trying to “clarify” the state’s new “religious freedom” law. Pence said “we’ve got a perception problem.” The Gov. has come to the conclusion that it will be helpful to move legislation this week to amend the law to make it clear that it does not give businesses the right to deny services to anyone.

Mike talks with Phelim McAleer about his upcoming play about the events in Ferguson.

Mike talks with documentary filmmaker Phelim McAleer about his upcoming play “Ferguson.” They discuss the various reactions they’ve received about the play and Mike’s involvement with it.

Luis Gutierrez creates “toolkit” to aid illegals avoiding deportation

Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D – Illinois)  has created a helpful toolkit which illegals can use in the unlikely event that anyone from ICE is rude enough to ask them any questions.

Big news for The Mike Gallagher Show: we launch in prime time in Chicago today on one of America’s great newstalk stations!

The Mike Gallagher Show can now be heard live from 9am cdt until 11am on 560 am The Answer in Chicago. We know that in Chicago radio, you have many choices, and we appreciate the fact that you give us a chance. 560 am The Answer decided there are three things that must be a part of what they do everyday. First, if news breaks, they’ll tell you about it. Second is Opinion. 560 The Answers’ hosts are never afraid to tell you what they think about the latest news. The third component that they think is important is Insight. At the end of the day, after you know what’s happening and what they think about it, you want to know what it means and why it’s important to you. They’ll tell you all of that!

Ferguson, The Play

This will be one of the most important projects I’ve ever been involved with: a play that tells the truth about the Ferguson shooting. How is it the truth? Because it’s word-for-word verbatim testimony from the grand jury process. You can make this a reality by donating to the campaign to fund it. And I’m honored to have been chosen to be one of the actors in this important piece. Please donate today at and let’s get the truth out about this tragic event. -Mike

Mike and Chris Wallace talk Harry Reid and the dangers of exercise.

Mike and Chris Wallace talk about Senate Minority leader Harry Reid not running for re-election. They discuss his exercise accident and Mike’s exercise habits as well.

Chris Wallace congratulates Mike on his radio recognition, plus the murderous German co-pilot.

It’s Chris Wallace Friday. He and Mike discuss Mike’s broadcasting recognition and the recent developments surrounding the crashed Germanwings flight.

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No murder charge in case of baby cut from Colorado woman’s womb

A Colorado woman accused of cutting a 7-month-old fetus out of a stranger’s womb after luring her with an online ad for baby clothes will not be charged with murdering the fetus. “Under Colorado law, essentially, there’s no way murder charges can be brought if it’s not established that the fetus lived as a child outside the body of the mother for some period of time,” Boulder County Dist. Atty. Stan Garnett told reporters.

Megyn Kelly Grills Jen Psaki: Did Bergdahl Really Serve with ‘Honor?’

Megyn Kelly squared off with State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki Wednesday night. The Fox News host wanted to know if the Obama Administration still thinks Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction” as National Security Adviser Susan Rice said after he was traded for five Taliban detainees?

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