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Al Sharpton vs the Teleprompter part 4

Al Sharpton has a tough time reading from the teleprompter. This guy makes million from MSNBC to butcher the English language.

Michelle Obama refuses to wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia

This is an interesting argument. Was the first lady right in standing up for women’s rights or disrespectful to her hosts for not following their traditions?

Al Sharpton, the Northeast Blizzard, and Climate Change…it’s like a bad joke!

Mike talks with Accuweather Chief Long Range Forecast Joe Bastardi about an interview between Al Sharpton and Bridgeport, Connecticut Mayor Bill Finch where Bill thanks Al for his work in DC and on climate change. Mike and Joe discuss how climate change is severely misunderstood and more.

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Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons…and President Obama refuses to believe it.

Mike talks with Meir Weingarten about how President Obama refuses to see the threat that Iran poses if they continue with their nuclear program. They discuss how Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been warning the world about this very thing and how Obama has been ignoring him.

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Are those Americans who are afraid of guns beginning to see the light?

Mike talks with National Shooting Sports Foundation Vice President Larry Keane about how the Shot Show Expo worries many people who are advocates of gun control. They discuss how many Americans now believe in protecting Second Amendment Rights and that gun control doesn’t ensure safety.

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John Boehner invites Israel’s Prime Minister to address Congress, and the White House is not happy.

Mike talks with Chris Wallace discuss the invitation Majority Leader John Boehner gave Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come and address a joint session of Congress. They discuss how the White House is very unhappy about this development and more.

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Would you leave a career at Google to become a professional shooter?

Mike talks with Chris Cheng, winner of the 4th Season of Top Shot, about leaving a job at Google to compete on the show. Chris also shares why he eventually chose to leave Google to become a professional shooter.

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The National Shooting Sports Foundation presents The Mike Gallagher Show from the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Mike Gallagher Show is broadcasting for the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. The SHOT Show is the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show and Conference for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting accessories industry.

Obama’s disconnected, out of touch, in denial State of the Union

The joint session of Congress listening to President Obama Tuesday night included 83 fewer Democrats than the group that heard Obama’s first address in 2009 — 69 fewer Democrats in the House and 14 fewer in the Senate.

Is the State of The Union a meaningless exercise?

Mike talks with National Review author Rich Lowry about the president’s upcoming State of the Union Address. They discuss what Obama might address in the speech and why the Address itself is a meaningless exercise.

The Republican Party has got to stop bickering and come together for 2016!

Mike talks with Congressman Trey Gowdy about how the Republican Party is handling the various people considering running for President in 2016, what the Party as a whole needs to do to secure a win, and if Representative Gowdy would ever consider running himself.

Why are people in Hollywood protesting a movie about a good, decent American man?

Mike talks with Pamela Geller about the recent protests from people like Michael Moore against the movie “American Sniper.”They discuss how the Left has criticized the film and how Pamela’s rally in Texas went.

This should put a smile on your face and get you in a great mood for the upcoming week

Watch the video of this Delaware police officer getting his grove on to Taylor Swift while on patrol.

This is the Style over Substance administration!

John Kerry Brings ‘Big Hug’ and James Taylor Playing ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ to Paris.

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