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The Ferguson Fraud

The bitter irony of the Michael Brown case is that if he had actually put his hands up and said don’t shoot, he would almost certainly be alive today

Was the system for or against Officer Darren Wilson? Mike and Andrew C. McCarthy discuss this and more.

Mike and Andrew C. McCarthy discuss on whether or not the system was biased against Officer Darren Wilson or if it was in favor of him. They also talk about the Grand Jury decision to to indict him and what could happen next legally.

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“I learned some things about Dad I didn’t know, and was anxious to share the story with him.” states President Bush.

Mike welcomes 43rd President of The United States George W. Bush to the show. They discuss President Bush’s new book “41: A Portrait of My Father” about his father, George H. W. Bush and how he learned more about his father while writing it. They also share personal experiences with the Salvation Army and how it has impacted their lives.

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“People are afraid to tell the truth about racial issues because they are afraid they are going to be called a racist.” Rudy tells Mike.

Mike talks with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani about the issue of properly addressing crime and race. They discuss those who have been called racist and those who use this debate improperly.

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Everyone sing “The Amnesty Song!”

Mike sings a parody of the song “Honesty,” aptly titled “Amnesty,” which is all about our President and his plans for immigration.

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“This President has done more to assault religious liberty than any President in history.”

Mike plays a clip from President Obama’s speech concerning immigration where the President uses a passage from the Bible. Mike and Rick Santorum discuss their disgust at the President’s use of The Scripture, how he has been an enemy of Christianity, and what it all means in regards to power for the White House.

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Is the term “Freshman” sexist? Elon University thinks so.

Mike discusses Elon University which has banned the word “Freshman” from it’s website and orientation classes. Stating that it is a sexist term they are encouraging the term “First Year” instead. Mike gives his thoughts on this change of wording.

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“Jay Leno should have educated himself instead of listening to lies from the anti-gun community.” states Larry Keane.

Mike talks with National Shooting Sports Foundation Vice-President Larry Keane about television host Jay Leno canceling his appearance at the NSSF Gun Expo. They discuss their disappointment in Jay and that he listened to the lies of anti-gun activists.

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This is Higher Education!

Click here for the video. I especially love the part where Berkeley students don’t care about the ISIS flag being waved around, but you better not smoke on campus. That’s going too far unlike cutting off the heads of aid workers.

It’s always fun to hear a protest break out on the floor of the Senate!

Mike plays audio of Senator Elizabeth Warren announcing the failing of the Keystone Pipeline bill, and the subsequent chanting of Native American protestors in response. Mike wonders why, as someone who has claimed to be Native American, did Senator Warren not join in?

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“How could the President instinctively chastise the Israelis?!”

Mike plays audio from President Obama concerning the Israeli Synagogue attack by two Palestinian. Mike responds with disbelief that the President would put Israel and Palestine in the same category concerning violence.

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This video montage of Jonathan Gruber and the Democrats is devastating to Obamacare!

Watch and enjoy

“Everybody knows someone who is completely against Christmas!” Mike tells Kirk Cameron.

Mike welcomes Kirk Cameron to the show. They discuss Kirk’s new movie “Saving Christmas,” how there are “haters” against everything, Christians going on the offensive for our faith, and much more.

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Is the Governor of Missouri “preparing for war” of just being cautious?

Mike plays audio from Brown family attorney Anthony Gray, where he states that the governor of Missouri is “preparing for war.” The governor called out the National Guard in expectation of the Grand Jury verdict on the Michael Brown shooting. Mike responds that no one wants conflict at all.

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