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Mike and Gordon Chang discuss how others, including North Korea, are now influencing what Americans can read and watch.

Mike talks with author and columnist Gordon Chang about the issue of threats from outside sources dictating what is played in American Theaters. They discuss how this has come about through the current and past presidential administrations and what this could mean for the future.

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NBC Reporters don’t agree with their own poll about CIA interrogation? Most Americans think it’s spot on!

Mike plays audio of NBC reporters Andrea Mitchell and Richard Engel disagreeing with the results of their recent poll of what Americans thought of the use the CIA’s interrogation techniques. Mike goes over the results himself and responds.

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Should the Internet be an “Anything Goes” area, or should there be restrictions?

Mike discusses the recent threats against controversial movie openings by a hacking group which has released stolen information from Sony pictures. He also comments on how people are using the Internet to perpetuate an “anything goes” mindset.

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NBC Reporters Reject Own Poll Showing Americans Support CIA Interrogations

According to MSNBC and Richard Engel, the American people’s opinion really shouldn’t be setting policy. So why have elections, Richie?

Mike discusses the Sydney hostage situation and why news outlets refuse to call it terrorism?

Mike discusses Man Haron Monis, an Islamic extremist who took hostages in a Sydney Australia coffee shop. Mike describes the situation and asks why so many media outlets are refusing to call this an act of terrorism?

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“These gun opponents don’t have facts on their side, and lie to advance their agenda!”

Mike plays audio from a CBS interview where the lawyer of families from the Sandy Hook shooting discusses them suing the gun manufacturer Bushmaster. He states that the guns should be for military use only, despite what the Constitution says. Mike responds that the facts do not add up with their claims and more.

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Denial of Islamic fundamentalism puts us in danger

We don’t get damaged individuals beheading a British soldier in the name of Christ. We didn’t get damaged individuals shooting a Canadian soldier guarding Canada’s cenotaph, or plotting bombings of our MCG, or trying to blow up jets with the explosives in their shoes or their underwear in the name of any faith other than Islam.

Ted Cruz Will Bank on the Base

The question as 2016 approaches is whether he is more Goldwater than Reagan. 

Ted Cruz a candidate for US President? Mike and Eliana Johnson discuss the possibility.

Mike welcomes National Review columnist Eliana Johnson back to the show. They discuss the possibility of Senator ted Cruz as a Presidential contender, how the Senator is portraying himself, and what he needs to do in the future.

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Mike and Chris Wallace discuss the Feinstein CIA Report on torture and much more!

It’s Chris Wallace Friday! He and and Mike discuss the recent CIA Report concerning it’s methods for obtaining information. They talk about the 2 sides of it, what good the CIA has done, and why the Feinstein Committee didn’t seek out certain key individuals.

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The Torture Taboo

The taboo against torture is important and honorable, but sometimes the real world gets a veto.

The NYFD is waiving strength requirements for women

The NYFD will waive the physical requirements so more women can pass the test to become firefighters. Is being PC putting lives at risk?

These People Teach our Kids?

These people teach our kids? Now the problem isn’t rogue police officers according to these libs, it’s capitalism! The same system that allows them to secure a paycheck and spew this crap on television; the problem is they fill our children’s heads with this socialist junk.

Marc Thiessen joins Mike to discuss the use of Waterboarding in saving American lives.

Mike welcomes former White House Staff Member and author Marc Thiessen to the show. They discuss the use of waterboarding against terrorist and how it saved lives.

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