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A pro-Muslim rally is going to be held in Garland, despite the events in Paris.

Mike talks with national security and terrorism correspondent Patrick Poole about the upcoming “Stand With The Prophet” pro-Muslim rally in Garland, Texas. They discuss some of the questionable people who have been asked to speak and why this is happening considering the events in Paris.

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Why are Liberals debating Gun Control over what happened in Paris?

Mike talks with Andrew C. McCarthy about the comments from an MSNBC clip where Gun Control is brought up in relation to the events in Paris. Mike and Andrew discuss that only Liberals could bring such a debate up and that if officers and others had had firearms in Paris, the attack by Muslim Extremists might not have been as bad.

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“Angry people did not attack this newspaper, it was a Jihadist Cell.”

Mike talks with author and Fox News commentator Dr. Walid Pharis about the Paris terrorist attack on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo. They discuss how this wasn’t the action of angry people upset about a caricature of Mohammed, but a planned military operation done by a trained Jihadist Cell.

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