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It’s the Elizabeth Warren Song Sing-Along!

Mike plays a song about Senator Elizabeth Warren that was performed at the Netroots Nation Convention. It expounds her “virtues” and proclaims that she should run for president, all to a catchy tune. Today on the Mike Gallagher Show.

TV reporter gets suspended and demoted for telling the truth!

Mike plays audio from former tv reporter Sean Bergin which led to his suspension. In the report Sean Bergin addresses the fact that black children growing up without fathers leads to crime, like the murder of Officer Melvin Santiago. Today on the Mike Gallagher Show.

Mike’s View from the Empire State Building.

“Here’s the view out Mike’s studio windows in the Empire State Building that he was talking about featuring the window washer cables swinging precariously in the wind….how much could these guys make to be willing to do that for a living?”

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Gallagher's Army: Fallen Officer Fund

The Gallagher's Army: Fallen Officer Fund was founded to meet the immediate needs of U.S. police officer families when an officer has been killed in the line of duty.

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