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Former Drug Czar Bill Bennett explains marijuana is not the harmless, benign substance it’s supporters claim.

Mike talks with former drug czar and fellow host Bill Bennett and lawyer Robert A. White about their new book “Going To Pot: Why the Rush to Legalize Marijuana is Harming America.” They discuss their reasons for writing this book, how the public opinion of marijuana has changed, and what many politicians are thinking about it.

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US Congressman and Navy Seal believes our enemy is Islamic Radicalism!

Mike talks with US Congressman and former Navy Seal Ryan Zinke about the White houses refusal to label ISIL as an Islamic Radical organization. Congressman Ryan expresses the importance of recognizing your enemy and they discuss how Jordan has stepped up to combat Islamic terrorism while the President has not.

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Let’s all be praying for Michael Medved’s quick recovery.

Mike discusses his fellow broadcaster and friend Michael Medved’s current battle with Stage 3 Throat Cancer. Mike describes what a “workaholic” Medved is and that he knows that there are many people praying for healing.

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Donations pour in for Detroit man who walks 21 miles for his daily commute

For the past 10 years, a Detroit man has walked 21 miles round trip to and from the factory where he works. James Robertson hasn’t been able to afford a car, but that hasn’t stopped him having perfect attendance at his job five days a week for more than a decade. When a local man noticed Robertson’s staggering commute and decided to lend a helping hand, not only did it result in an unlikely friendship, it inspired others to raise more than $130,000 for this hard-working man.

Mike’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercial 2015

If this doesn’t make you want to get down, we don’t know what will. The 2015 Super Bowl spot for Mountain Dew Kickstart shows just how pumped everyone can get when the right beverage hits them!

This cookbook, and the Lady behind it, is a big deal!

Mike talks with Chris Wallace and his wife Lorraine about her new cookbook “Mr. and Mrs. Sunday’s Suppers.’ Mike looks at some of the recipes while Chris and Lorraine share some of the background of the book and what it and the recipes inside it means to their family.

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