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Mike’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercial 2015

If this doesn’t make you want to get down, we don’t know what will. The 2015 Super Bowl spot for Mountain Dew Kickstart shows just how pumped everyone can get when the right beverage hits them!

This cookbook, and the Lady behind it, is a big deal!

Mike talks with Chris Wallace and his wife Lorraine about her new cookbook “Mr. and Mrs. Sunday’s Suppers.’ Mike looks at some of the recipes while Chris and Lorraine share some of the background of the book and what it and the recipes inside it means to their family.

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Why is the White House refusing to call the Taliban a Terrorist Organization?

Mike plays a clip from a White House news conference where the Taliban is repeatedly referred to as an “Armed Insurgency” and not a Terrorist Group like ISIL. Mike and former Speaker of The House Newt Gingrich discuss how this has become the view of the entire White House.

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Al Sharpton, the Northeast Blizzard, and Climate Change…it’s like a bad joke!

Mike talks with Accuweather Chief Long Range Forecast Joe Bastardi about an interview between Al Sharpton and Bridgeport, Connecticut Mayor Bill Finch where Bill thanks Al for his work in DC and on climate change. Mike and Joe discuss how climate change is severely misunderstood and more.

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Are those Americans who are afraid of guns beginning to see the light?

Mike talks with National Shooting Sports Foundation Vice President Larry Keane about how the Shot Show Expo worries many people who are advocates of gun control. They discuss how many Americans now believe in protecting Second Amendment Rights and that gun control doesn’t ensure safety.

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